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The Beginning

     My mind and perspective on actually living a healthy and fit life was totally changed after attending a meeting I was invited to with a personal trainer on November 4, 2011 to gain information on how to change my eating habits and how to transform my body by learning and being educated more on fitness, proper nutrition and working out as a lifestyle. I was already on my weight release journey which (seriously) started in January 2011. I started (which is the hardest part, getting started) out slow, first by making up my mind to get up off the couch and doing something, anything active. I decided that I would start attending Zumba classes again and monitor more closely what and how much I ate. I figured doing some type of “fun” cardio activity would get me motivated to be successful as well as committed to my fitness goals in order to complete this journey. After 10 months and releasing 40 pounds on my own, I was still yearning to learn how to combine eating clean and exercising (cardio PLUS weight training) and executing both more effectively. So I decided that I needed change and gathered up the courage to sign up for a “Transformation Challenge” with a personal trainer in a group session with a wonderful group of ladies all determined to do the same which was life changing.


Transformation in Progress

     I first started training with a personal trainer on November 14, 2011 which was truly quite the challenge, especially training twice per week. I hadn’t realized just how out of shape I was. Though in the beginning the workouts were grueling with a lot of soreness, pain and exhaustion experienced afterwards that I had to nurse with Epson salt baths, Aspercream and heating pads; but none the less it was and still is all worth it! After a few weeks I started to feel stronger in my workouts, my endurance, form and technique improved and best of all my clothes were fitting looser every week! I then started my structured clean eating plan on December 4, 2011 which brought on even better results! From January 2011 until September 2012, so far, I’ve released a total of 85 pounds of fat and down from a dress size 18/20 to a dress size 8 and have gained lean muscle, energy, endurance, strength, confidence and empowerment! Back aches – GONE! Sore knees and feet – GONE! Out of Breath when taking the stairs – GONE! I now RUN up the stairs and still don’t get out of breath!!!


My Releasing Journey Continues

     I have to first and foremost give thanks and praise to my heavenly Father, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for giving me the mental, physical and spiritual strength to endure and stay committed to this journey of mine as it continues throughout 2012 and beyond. And of course, without the support, love and encouragement from my best friend, workout partner and loving husband, Michael Hill as well as my two sons, Mike and Josh who all are my biggest fans and cheerleaders and are always by my side encouraging me along the way. This journey would not have been as successful without them. And lastly, I thank the Lord for strategically placing my dearest friend (first), sister, cousin, coach, inspiration, accountability & prayer partner and Zumba Momma into my life back in 1986; Mrs. Gena Y. (Footman) Brown. Lord only knows the ups and downs, gains and losses, failures and triumphs we’ve endured and conquered together over the past 26 years especially trying to get this “fitness thang” right (lol). Gena’s effortless and tireless contributions and prayers to the fitness and health industry are truly ordained by God in her ministry which has blessed and touched so many, including myself. Her belief in what the word of God states; “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me” keeps me encouraged to work harder each time I hit the Zumba floor and the weights in the gym. My life will never be the same as I continue to work on me for the rest of my life towards spiritual health, mental health and physical health. I’ve released a lot of dead weight and will continue to, and I thank God I’ve gained so much more just by making up my mind by getting up and “Just Do It” for me! I pray and truly hope you are inspired as all of you, from young to old who are working towards the same goals, inspire me as well. Don’t give up! Don’t give in! Keep doing it FOR YOU because YOU ARE WORTH IT! – Philippians 3:12-14 –

To GOD be the GLORY!!!

~ Mrs. Danielle (Dee Dee) Hill ~


Dee Dee
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