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Two years ago was a turning point in my life. The point when I decided.  Enough is Enough! I said to myself.  There is no reason why a 25 year old woman like myself should be out of breath after climbing one flight of stairs. No reason why I should wake up every morning still exhausted. No reason why none of the clothes in my closet fit correctly anymore. I looked at myself in the mirror and barely recognized who I saw. I was 25 years old, 5'2'' and nearing 180 lbs. The biggest I had ever been in my life. Now, I had never been skinny, but had always had an athletic build. But this person?? No. No. No. This was NOT me. ENOUGH is ENOUGH. So I began my new journey of health, wellness, fitness, nutrition, and spiritual growth.
      I decided that food was for nourishment of the temple I was given, not for filling emotional gaps or for passing the time or for pure pleasure. So I did my research, started eating healthy and making better choices. I knew there was no quick drink, pill or diet that would work and stay working. A lifestyle change is what I needed.
With a change in lifestyle in mind, I also knew that there was no way that eating healthier was going to be enough. I needed discipline, so I began meditation and holistic measures to heal myself spiritually and emotionally. But still, I knew this wasn't enough either.
      I knew what I really needed to do. I needed to get up off my behind and put in some work! I began going to the gym, doing cardio and strength training. But I had to literally TALK MYSELF INTO IT every morning. I knew it wouldn't last after I began to see results. And just like the Universe intended, I was given my answer. I went to my very first Zumba class and fell in love. I fell in love with the rhythms, the steps, the women that were on the same journey as I was.
     I went to many different instructors, studios, gyms, but no one instructor was as inspiring and motivational as Ms. Gena Brown. I have been doing Zumba with her ever since. When she opened her own studio, I was elated. I began to explore other classes to keep my fitness routine fresh and exciting. I have continued to grow emotionally, spiritually, socially, health-wise and beyond with her and the Studio G Fitness LLC family. I have developed friendships. I have been given a second chance at health, at life, and even overcome my own fears in ways I never thought I would be able. I looked to my Zumba sisters for inspiration, and with that was able to take control of my life again.

     Thank you all from the bottom of my (now, much healthier) heart!!! —feeling empowered.

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