Back in January 2013 I went to the heart doctor I weighed 230 pounds. I am five foot one. I realized then that if I kept going I wouldn't be around in ten years. I'll be 54 in August. First I joined Weight Watchers. Then I bought a treadmill. Next I joined a gym and started doing strength training and cardio and working out three times a week. I decided I had to rescue my whole family; so on Mother's day instead of picking a nice restaurant I took my entire family canoeing. We had a blast!! I had been to Studio G classes a while ago and I decided it was time to add Zumba back to my regimen. I am training to run a 5K in August and I am never looking back! I love Zumba with Gena B. She is so much fun.  The music and the women laughing and shouting really keeps me motivated. So far I have lost over 35 pounds. I need to lose a total of 100. I've gone from a size 20 to a size 12. My doctor is weaning me off the heart meds. Thank you Gena B for your commitment to us. You helped save my life!