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Does What You Wear to the Gym Really Matter?

The answer to this question is YES!! Here is where the phrase “dress for success” rings true. Research shows there is a direct correlation between what you wear and how you perform.

First, if you are an avid exerciser, you want to make sure you have on the correct clothing.

For those of us that participate in high impact workouts should opt for compression gear. Compression leggings, sports bras and tops assist with increasing blood flow to the heart; delivering much needed oxygen to working muscles as well as reducing fatigue. Compression wear can also aid in preventing soreness because it keeps everything held close and tightly together as you jump or bounce around.

If you are participating in lower impact workouts, you want to wear gear that is non constricting. The light weight material will allow you to move freely and comfortably. When you are comfortable, you can focus and workout to the best of your ability.

What you wear can also help boost your self-esteem. If someone suffers from anxiety, depression, or negative moods; what they wear can affect their self-confidence. When used positively, your workout gear can contribute to feelings of self-acceptance and self-esteem. Workout gear can help you feel more powerful and more confident. All of these things increase cognitive function which in turn affect your performance in a positive manner.

No matter where you are going, there is nothing more motivating than having on clothing that makes you feel empowered and proud. Why not do things that help boost your confidence up a few notches? So go ahead and get some new gear. Purchase some colorful gym shoes to match. Don’t be shy about putting on a little lip gloss and small hoop earrings. When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you perform better. When you perform better, you reach your goals!!! #fitness #motivation

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