Weight Loss Programs

Challenge To Change 4 "LIFE"
Weight Loss Program


What is it?

This is an 8 week weight loss/high accountability program designed to teach, lead and support those who are ready to make a lifestyle change.  You will learn the proper way to eat and exercise.  By applying these principles correctly, you will be on your way to reaching your weight loss goals in a healthy manner.  The goal of the program is to release 16-30 pounds (depends on starting weight and the effort you put in).  If you are ready to join other like minded individuals in the challenge to change 4 the rest of your life, SIGN UP TODAY!

How much does it cost?

$259.00 NON MEMBER

$227.00 MEMBER

What do I get?

Personalized meal outline 

Weekly weigh-in (Sun 7-7:30am & 8:15-8:45am)

Bi-weekly support meeting (virtual)

8 group fitness classes (your choice)

8 group fitness classes (Sun 7:30am)

Ab routine

Cardio routine

At home workout


3 Accountability coaches

Accountability group (app on mobile device)

Before/After photos

Do the Studio G weight loss programs work?


Do members get a discount?

Bundle Members--will receive $47 off the regular price.

Unlimited Fitness Class members --will receive $32 off the regular price.

Weight Training members--will receive $15 off the regular price

Can I participate virtually?

Yes; however, the cost of the program will be the regular price.  Virtual clients, will be expected to post their weight every week in the private group.  Virtual clients will be able to participate in the bi-weekly, virtual support group meetings.  Virtual clients will not be able to participate in the group fitness classes; however, you will have access to pre-recorded workouts led by Studio G Fitness Instructors.

Is there a payment plan?

Payment plans can be provided as requested.  There will be a $40 processing fee.  $100 down payment will be required.  Remaining balance will be split into equal, auto draft payments (last payment needs to be drafted on or before 10/23/22). To request a payment plan, please email