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Not "Just" a Fitness Studio

Studio G is an upbeat, judgment-free atmosphere where you are loved back to health! Studio G offers Group Exercise Classes, Personal Training, Group Weight Training, Weight-loss Challenges and Nutrition.  Studio G is a place where people come together to grow and belong... beyond fitness.  More than just a fitness studio, more than a class, more than just fitness.  Studio G is a family! 


"I have visited several gyms in the city. Trying to stay focused and dedicated to maintain my health. The comfortable and inviting environment that Studio G has created is everything. From the moment you walk into the door someone greets you. People you have never seen before make you feel warm and welcomed. To have the actual instructor come to you, introduce themselves, with welcoming smiles eases all nerves and apprehension you may have had about entering the building."


"Since training at Studio G, my oxygen levels have increased greatly."

Lisa T.

"I have been participating in classes at Studio G Fitness for 3 years. I look forward to participating in the classes because I know that I will get a GREAT WORKOUT! The instructors pushed me beyond what I thought I could handle! I love the atmosphere and the people. They make it so comfortable to be in a fitness environment."

Lisha F.

"It's the longest I've ever stuck with an exercise program!"

Tina J.

"From the moment I walk in Studio G Fitness, I feel right at home."

Jennifer J.

"I didn't think I was going to make it through the medicine ball class. The instructor kept encouraging and I kept going. I MADE IT!"

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